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About Hunter Medical Aesthetic Consulting
Jessica Hunter

Founder & Owner - Hunter Consulting

Jessica Hunter is not your average business consultant in the medical aesthetic field.

 If you have seen her present at various industry conferences around the globe, her energy, enthusiasm, and authoritative personality is not easily forgotten. She believes that no advice, recommendations, or suggestion can be given without a deep understanding of someone’s business, including their financial health and current situation.

Jessica is a business management consultant with over 8 years specializing in the medical aesthetic field. Her vast industry experience combined with her financial expertise has allowed her to partner, consulting, and teaching over 75+ medical aesthetic clinics across Canada and the United States, increasing profits, improving efficiencies & establishing standard operational processes. Jessica’s energy, enthusiasm, and authoritative personality is not easily forgotten as her belief is that no advice, recommendations, or suggestion can be given without a deep understanding of someone’s business, including their financial health and current situation. Jessica holds a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and a master’s in business administration.


Hunter Consulting was started on the premise of providing credible advice and recommendations about their business that was based off understanding their current business state.

I wanted to combine my vast experience and learnings from the medical aesthetic industry with my extensive knowledge and background in financial analysis and business development. I just felt like there was a lot of people telling business owners what they should or should not be doing without really having the expertise or knowledge base to be able to deliver that kind of advice. It scared me to think of how it might significantly impact their business

How it Started:

Jessica began her career in Medical Aesthetics in 2018 when she was recruited by Allergan Aesthetics to work as a business consultant, helping their largest clients with creating efficient and profitable businesses. After 5 years, she decided it was time to start a new venture on her own where she could provide authentic, unbiased consulting based on years of specific industry experience and apply her extensive financial knowledge to support her clients long term visions and aspirations.

Prior to entering the medical aesthetic industry, Jessica’s completed a Bachelor of Kinesiology as well as a Master of Business Administration specializing in entrepreneurship which allowed her to start her career working in strategic planning, marketing planning & sales execution among some of the most recognized brands in health care including 3M and Stryker.

How it’s Going:

Jessica’s vast industry experience has included supporting, consulting, and teaching over 75+ medical aesthetic clinics in a variety of locations across Canada and the United States. She has had the privilege to work with everyone from those who are just getting started and opening their own clinic, to clients who have multiple locations generating over $10 million in sales. Her understanding of how to create and establish profitable treatments, staff and operational systems has allowed her to help her clients increase their profit margins and revenue capabilities.

Jessica in-depth industry knowledge and partnerships has made her a sough after resources when wanting to create operational efficiencies, increase patient acquisition and develop key retention structures such as membership and loyalty programs.

What’s Her WHY:

Growing up, I watched my mom raise three kids, trying to establish her own career without the luxury of post secondary education or time to waste learning the ins and outs at her own pace. It instilled a work ethic in myself as well as my siblings that made us want to make sure we were always in control of our own future.” Jess describes. “I truly love being an entrepreneur, taking charge of my future and want to empowered others so that they can also achieve their own aspirations, staring with understanding the fundamentals of how their business operates.

My clients are among some of the smartest and hard-working humans that I have ever met but when it comes to understanding their practice as a business, that is where they need guidance and support. I really want to be able to empower & equip them with everything they need to be able to achieve their own future goals and aspirations and that usually means staring with understanding the fundamentals of how they business operates.

When Jessica isn’t speaking at conferences, working along side her clients in their clinics or hiding out in her office on zoom calls all day, you will find her with her two-favourite people on the planet, her boys Brock and Brody. Jessica  and her husband love to combine their two obsessions, family, and athletics, by taking the kids skiing, biking, hiking, or fishing whenever they have a chance.

Jessica's Team

Emilie Hiob
Sales & Marketing Manager

Emilie is a sales and marketing professional with a Diploma in Marketing Management & Entrepreneurship from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. She has a strong background in sales, business consulting, marketing, customer service, education in the medical and cosmetic industry.

For 10 years, Emilie worked as an educator, business consultant, and medical account executive at the largest cosmetic company in the world where she achieved top sales across Canada for 4 separate years during her time. Here she developed the BC and Western Canada region by growing her client’s businesses successfully, and working closely with each to ensure their business needs and objectives were met. Her experience encompasses business planning, new store openings, planogram implementation, education, implementing sales and customer service strategies (sell in / sell out), coordinating and facilitating focus groups for various health care providers as well as coordinating and executing larger events specific to independent clinics.

Tori McLeod
Social Media Consultant

Tori joins the team with a wealth of knowledge in social media strategy, content creation and how to execute high converting ads. Tori’s key skills also include public relation communication, targeted marketing and brand building which has allowed her to effectively deliver on her client’s unique goals and objectives with their marketing. Tori’s vast experience comes from working all over Canada with a variety of business and industries. She is passionate about creating clear and straight forward marketing strategies’ that allow the client to tell their own unique story and creates differentiations among competitors in the sea of sameness.

Tori holds a Bachelor of public relations from Mount Saint Vincent University with a major in communication and marketing.

"The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what is one’s destiny to do, and then do it."

Henry Ford

My Process
Ready to create a profitable, efficient and prosperous business?

We believe that to create significant change for our clients, that we need to review, assess, and understand the 4 key pillars of their business:

Business & Strategic Planning

Understanding your short & long-term goals, strengths, weakness, barriers & opportunities for success.

Create your customize strategic plan on WHERE to focus, HOW to get you there & WHAT to measure to determine success

Financial Assessment & Forecasting

Gaining an understanding of the current health of your business, your revenue drivers & provider breakdown.

Create attainable treatment forecasts, staff compensation structure & financially responsible incentive structures.

Clinic Optimization

Implementing standard processes and procedures for optimization every patient experience, inquiry & consultation.

This includes converting inquiries, elevating your customer experience, powerful consultations, social media strategic planning & retail execution.

Marketing & Communication Plan

Development of a strategic internal & external marketing strategy targeted towards your ideal demographic & audience.

This includes the development of your marketing plan, customize templates & social media content training.