One-on-One Consulting

Looking for help to grow, scale, expand or even sell your medical aesthetic business?
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What’s your vision for your business?

At Hunter Consulting, we truly believe that every client is unique with different goals, objectives, and vision for their business. That’s why we structure our services around 1-on-1 consulting to allow for someone to get the advice and recommendations they need to reach their potential as quickly and efficiently as possible.

One-on-One Consulting

Struggling with making your current practice profitable and efficient in the medical aesthetic industry? Let’s start with understanding where your business is at today and where you want to be in the future.

One-on-One Consulting
Ready to be your own boss and start your own clinic? I have had the privilege of helping numerous owners/operators start from the ground up and I would love to help you too!
One-on-One Consulting

Start planning for your future today! If you’re looking to sell your practice within the next 3-5 years, then its time to create your plan so that your business is an attractive asset with the highest perceived value.

Additional Items for Success
Weekly Calls

Between consultant & owner/management. These calls will be strategic calls always with an outlined agenda of what needs to be accomplished followed by to do items in list of priority.

Constant Contact & Communication

The consultant will be available for phones calls, texts, email for any additional questions, comments, or business decisions during the contract. All communicate will be responded to no longer than 12 hours.

On-site Visit, Provider & Clinic Shadowing

With each 6-month contract, the consultant will incur the cost of one on site visit (2 days) to assessment the general operations of the clinic, the providers, treatments, consultations, and overall clinic layout.


Financial Assessment & Strategic Planning

What we will do together:

Book an introductory session with business consultant, Jessica Hunter to help you better understand your business & create the fundamental tools that your business needs to be successful within this industry. This session will go through a general overview of the business fundamentals such as; financial assessment & overview of the last year of the business, understanding KPIs & industry ratios, creating a strategic plan, as well as provide you with the tools for a creating your own marketing plan. This is session will allow you to set yourself up for success with tangible tactiles and metrics, perfect for providing a general overview of what is needed to establish essential practices in your clinic.

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Please Note:

Note: During the time the consultant & practice owner are working together, there may be situations when a graphic designer or web developer expertise is needed. The consultant works with a variety of experts in these fields and will utilize their services after approval from the owner. However, we can always utilize the owner’s own staff or contacts at any time.

*All packages have signed contracts by both parties including a confidential agreement.