Get Started

Wondering what working with a business consultant looks like?

How do I get started?

The first thing we need to do is establish your WHY

Why you started your business in the first place…it might be because you want to work for yourself or maybe its that you want to sell your business in the next five years or maybe its that you want to be the most sought-after clinic in your region. No matter what you want for your business, yourself, and your family, its important to really think about it and start working backwards. This will allow us to develop your strategic plan that will outline the HOW and the WHERE we are going invest time, resources, and efforts to achieve your goals.

First, I have a set questions that allows for us to have a robust and detailed conversation about your short- and long-term goals. I will ask you to answer these questions to get you to dive deep into what it is you are wanting for the future and have an open and honest conversation with me about your wants and needs. Next, understanding the financial health of your business and being able to dissect those numbers to make better and more informed strategic decisions is the next step to working together. Once we have a plan outlining our direction and focus, we can start implementing practice changes for your most urgent needs. 

These could be operational efficiencies, marketing planning, staffing development and compensation or anything else related to the growth and improvement of your business.

It can look however you want it to! However, typically, once we have outlined your goals, we set yearly forecasting objectives for each part of your business and each month have certain tasks we work on to continue to move your business forward. We will have scheduled weekly meetings and constant communication. You’re going to have to be vulnerable and transparent and honestly not just with me, but with yourself. Its not going to be easy, it is going to be work but every week, month, year we will work towards your goals together with actionable, data driven solutions to not only accomplish your aspirations but with the ability to set new ones.

What does working with a business consultant look like?

What is your investment?

Your investment is based on your targeted goals we set, and the amount of work needed for us to not only achieve those goals but exceed your own expectations. Once I gain a good sense of your current business state, your future aspirations and what is needed to get there, I’ll outline a proposal that breaks down our plan for the work needed in hours each month and set up a suggested monthly fee. This allows you 24/7 access to me for any questions, concerns or brainstorming needed in addition to weekly calls and scheduled project completions needed to move your business forward. Our plan may change as sometimes more urgent needs arise; however, I will continuously keep you accountable to our strategic plan, making sure we always have the focus and direction needed for success.