Social Media Tips & Tricks for Medical Aesthetics

Social Media Tips & Tricks for Medical Aesthetics from Hunter Consulting

Social Media starts with your brand. Understanding your practices unique brand is essential to creating its voice on social media and communicating your mission, vision & most importantly, your why. Your brand helps create posts that follow a theme so that you create some differentiation in the industry.

When starting your social media journey, you want to stay consistent with colours and typography. The colours you have chosen for your practice should also be used across all your social media platforms. Choose fonts that are easily readable and connect with the audience you are looking to reach. Make sure to use the same 3 – 4 fonts when you create content.

Before starting your social medial you require content

We suggest capturing group photos/Headshots: Everyone together and by department. In scrubs, business casual. Tip: let your staff help. What is their position? Favourite product/service? Their story.

Consider topics such as:
  • Product/services posts: Get lots of photos and b-roll of products and services!
  • Tips to prepare you for your next appointment.
  • What services and products do you want to highlight?
  • Before and after photos, product shots, product and service education.
  • Your journey reels with ambassadors.
  • Occasion date posts: make them unique by including the staff with their families, their favourite holiday activities or must haves


Content sets you apart

When writing a post for social media use language that is catchy, and not too wordy (lengthy and not meaningful). Some examples are: Let me tell you a secret, you need to hear this, I wasn’t going to share but.

Story Inventory

Your story inventory is your origin story and connects your audience and clients to your brand. Stories help create a relationship over social media with clients.

You can use your story to share how you started your practice, what lessons you’ve learnt, what’s shaped you, discovering your expertise, what your role in the clinic is, what do you love about what you do? You should also use your staff’s journeys and how they came to work for your practice!

Calls To Action

You should always have a call to action on your posts, stories, reels and especially on your ads. A call to action is essential to letting your audience know what they need to do to take the next step.

Example: Book now… like our photo… tag a friend… leave a comment… learn more!

TIP: Make sure to have links to your website or online booking in your bio. Use linktree on your Instagram bio to create multiple shortcuts for potential patients to access the exact resources they are wanting!
Reels: Reels are a necessary part of your content and will help grow your following. They reach larger audiences that don’t already know about your business and are a great marketing tool. Engaging reels are ones that are: aesthetically pleasing, constantly in motion or personable.

Frequency of posting

We recommend posting 2 reels and 2 static posts, including carousel posts, a week. This creates uniformity and keeps you active consistently throughout the entire month. For stories try to post a few a day when in the practice. This allows you to post new information daily straight from your staff or yourself.

Managing Your Social Media

Apps help with creating consistency for posting. Using apps such as Temply, Canva, and Mojo help create content for your practice by providing templated reels to edit and make your own! Apps such as Later, help schedule your social medial and identify what times are best for posting.

TIP: Use a social media template calendar for planning your upcoming month of content and social media metrics tracker to identify monthly metrics you want to track and review each month to evaluate your digital marketing efforts.

We offer these services and to help you grow your social media presence!

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