The Lost Art of Email Marketing

Despite being one of the easiest digital marketing methods, email marketing seems to be one of the most underused tools out there! Yes, there are TONS of other ways to reach our potential clients, such as social media, real self, google searches, influencers, and numerous traditional channels. However, email is the most effective way to remarket and retarget both current and prospect clients. Most importantly, its one of the few channels we own and control!

You can’t measure what you can’t track!

Th best part about email marketing? You can measure the effectiveness! You can track open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates on most email creation tools. You can not only track the marketing funnel, but you can measure each part determining what and where you may need to adjust.

How fast should your list be growing?

Depending on the amount of both internal and external advertising your doing for your list will determine how fast its growing. In saying that, your goal should be to gain 1 new subscriber for every 100 website visitors and about 1-2 new subscribers for every 10 patients that visits your clinic.

Your Opt-in should be EVERYWHERE

Giving your clients the opportunity to join your newsletter at each touch point, both within the clinic or digitally is key to gaining new subscribers and keeping your monthly news top of mind! Think about having QR codes for patients to scan in the clinic, a pop-up CTA on your homepage, incentives for joining such as a free service or product as well as a dedicated link on your SM page via link tree. Remember, you need to gain consent to send an email as well as allow for your subscribers to remove themselves from the list (which will be build it to most platforms already!)

Frequency & consistency

Frequency and consistency are key for subscribers as they want to know when they can expect an email in their inbox. Determine a set schedule that you feel is manageable for your team and stick to it! Ideally, we want to consistently send out emails within a 2–6-week range, 6 weeks being the maximum amount of time in between emails.

Whose email is it anyway?

The email you sent out says as much about your brand as your social media platform, website and clinic atmosphere so make sure it has a consistent feel to everything else showcase the world. Spend a bit of time developing templates, color patterns, style and format that works best for your brand and use these each time you send out an email.

Open rate and click-through rate:

An open rate is the percentage of people that will open and (hopefully!) read your email. Within the medical aesthetic industry, our goal is to have an open rate of 25%, although I have seen it as high as 40%.

Our CTR or click through rate is exactly as it sounds, it’s those who view your page or newsletter and click on a specific link. When looking at your own CTR, you are hoping to see about 3-5% or potentially better.

There are a few strategies to improve click-through rates while creating emails. For instance, include multiple call-to-action buttons through your email that offer value or create urgency for your readers to click.

How long is too long?

It is impossible to emphasis the significance of subject lines because they are the first things a recipient sees and determine whether they will open the email. Although there are different mobile devices, the general rule is to have between 30 and 35 characters within the subject line

Helping tip: Keep the subject line to 5 or 6 words long and place your important message at the beginning, so it displays on mobile devices.

Link vs. CTA?

A link is a shortcut connection for a customer to go directly to a specific location, we use to funnel customer to a particular area of interest to increase the conversion opportunity. Helpful hint: Always consider if a link in an email provides the reader with value before including it. Does it solve a problem, educate them, or answer a question?

When you create your links, keep “delivering value” top of mind. It will help you in keeping your focus on the objective of the communication and desired outcome.

It’s not enough to just send great content and hope that subscribers will remember you. Call to action (CTA) is the best approach to encourage subscribers to act now! Messages such as Book now, call now, last chance, tune in or join now are great examples of CTAs you could include on your communication.

But when?

Everything depends on timing, right? The tried-and-true method of sending email campaigns is in the middle of the week and generally mid-day. If you’re not sure, try testing 2 or 3 different times and checking the open rate to validate which time seemed to do better for your subscriptions.

You can do it!

Remember, having multiple platforms for marketing is the best way to ensure that you are capturing and communicating to your target audience and allowing your clients to build a relationship with your clinic before they ever walk inside! Email marketing, when done correctly, can be your best and least expensive avenue for patient acquisition not only for today and well into the future!

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